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The Internet Beginner's Kit for Small Businesses

Setting up an online presence, and marketing your business via the web, is a process that can easily overwhelm even the most ambitious small business owner. Whether you’re looking for step-by-step guidance or just need a little hand-holding, we can walk you through the complexities of establishing and marketing yourself online. You’ll be all primed for a stunning website, easy online checkout, droves of traffic, and more.


Flexible options for growing companies

Small businesses thrive on their individuality, and our online tools are set up to capitalize on that unique factor. Choose what you need, and we’ll work from there—no packages with unnecessary features.


Domain Name

Your business domain name is its home on the web:, customized to whatever best reflects you. It’s what people will type in when they want to find your company, and where they can find all of your business information.

Check now
to see if the domain you want is available. We can lock it in for you, or brainstorm alternatives if your desired name is taken. It’s the first step to building your website, so let’s get started!



Everyone needs an email address, and many people—and businesses—need more than one. Our web hosting packages include email addresses, so you can have professional communication to go along with your professional website. For more features, take a look at email designed specifically for businesses, with Mode Impact Hosted Exchange.

Is business class email right for you?

Learn more about Mode Impact Hosted Exchange, which can offer you the professional support you need.

Read about our web hosting packages, which all include email at no extra charge.


Web Hosting

Having a domain name does no good unless you also have some sort of web hosting. Hosting does what its name implies—it hosts your website online, so everyone can see it. Dictate your level of participation based on which plan you choose.

Do you consider yourself a technical person?

We can give you as much control of your hosting as you wish, so you can manage the back-end.

Our easy-to-use tools will let you build the website you desire without the stress of learning.


Logo Design

A simple, recognizable logo can make all the difference in setting your business apart. It’s a visual representation of you, which customers and clients will associate with what you offer them. Branding is a key part of marketing, and the place to start is with a snazzy logo.

Is a professional logo really that important?

Think of the iconic green and white Starbucks logo, or even how easily you recognize the Target sign. Your logo is the symbol of your business—a well-designed image can make your visibility that much more potent. With a good logo, you’ll be noticeable no matter where you are.

- Get started and let us design your perfect logo today!


Your website is your business online presence. When someone types in your domain name, they’ll access your site. You can build pages that talk about your business, showcase your products, provide contact information, and MUCH more. Best of all, thanks to our experienced designers, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of coding.

What level of building support do you need?

- Contact Sales to Get a Free Estimate and Get Started!


Power Content

With search engines evaluating millions of websites to rank them in search results, SEO—search engine optimization—has become mission critical for business success. At the same time, traditional marketing ideas still have value: writing content that resonates with potential customers and draws them in. Balancing these two demands, plus writing in coherent English, can be a challenge to successfully pull off.

Do your web pages and emails convert both readers and search engines?

- Already there! Congratulations on having established, quality content. Our auditing service can take a peek at your content and data, and provide helpful tips to enhance what you’ve already written. Let us audit your website and take your words to the next level!

- Not a chance! Take advantage of our power content creation to generate solid, readable text that will resonate with those who read your site, both human and automated. Start the process now!


Animated Videos

Video offers the most bang for your marketing buck, with the power of audio and visual combined into one effective tool. Demonstrate a product, promote a service, or introduce your business, all with short videos designed to capture the viewers attention and stick in their brains.

Videos are easier to remember, more interactive, search engine friendly, and shareable. This makes them perfect for getting your words (and images) out to the public, in a way they’ll see and remember.

Do you want to communicate your message as effectively as possible?

Investigate animated video now, and check out what your customers could be seeing right on your website!


Ecommerce & Shopping Carts

Be open for business 24/7 through your website, with a built-in e-commerce platform. Online shopping carts let customers purchase your goods directly from your site.

Would e-commerce boost your sales?

If you want to sell more urban photograph canvases, vintage gumball machines, or whatever you specialize in, it only makes sense to stay open for business around the clock. Find out how our e-commerce tools can send your profits soaring!


Drive People to Your Site

How are you trying to reach your potential customer base?

There are numerous ways to reach out to your market—and, as usual, the answer lies in using a bit of each. Integrating marketing, analytics, and visibility tactics will create a powerhouse that draws in potential buyers.

We can help format your game plan, including:

Local Search Visibility, with information on various local search engines and networks
Search Engine Marketing, tweaking content to appeal to search engines and increase visibility
Search Engine Optimization, adding keywords to text specifically to improve search results ranking
Online Media Marketing, using different strategies and media to interact with a variety of groups
Email Marketing, sending targeted emails to specific groups to draw in new and returning clients
Site Surveys, informational check-ins that improve future functioning
Web Analytics, tracking the results of marketing campaigns to narrow down what works